Ram 2500 3500 Slimline Weather Shields 2009-2018 onwards - Double Cab Models Only

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Ram 2500 3500 WINDOW DEFLECTORS 2009-2018

  • Specific to Ram 2500 3500 2009-2018
  • Supplied as a set of 4pcs
  • Sleek aerodynamic styling.
  • Simple exterior Self-adhesive Installation No clips, bending, or force fitting No tools required.

Wind deflectors are designed to increase comfort and protection from the elements while driving, allowing fresh air to circulate through your vehicle, without been buffeted by wind and rain. Window visors have a dark tinted smoke finish and stylish design which will enhance the look of your car as well as being very practical.

A dark tinted appearance when fitted and viewed from the outside, but when sat in your car, you can see through them, therefore they do not obscure your field of vision.

Fitting is done by heavy duty adhesive 3M tape. The push in / clip in type in our long experience can be problematic - Forcing and bending a large item into a space a vehicle manufacturer has not designed them to go in.

Set of 4 supplied for the front and rear windows of the vehicle. Installation is easy and can be done in minutes - no tools are required.


PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the high demand nature of this product, delivery may take up to 4 weeks from time of order.