New Range Rover Evoque: the most luxurious and connected compact SUV

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New Range Rover Evoque: the most luxurious and connected compact SUV

The new Range Rover Evoque combines an elegant and luxurious design, a choice of efficient petrol and diesel engines and Land Rover’s newest and most advanced infotainment system – ‘Pivi’

Refined luxury: New Range Rover Evoque combines renowned Range Rover luxury with sophisticated design detail and a refined, technology-rich interior

Enhanced choice: A choice of powerful and efficient engines – including the debut of a more efficient Ingenium diesel engine

State-of-the-art infotainment: Land Rover’s most advanced system, ‘Pivi’, is now fitted on all new vehicles. Redesigned intuitive menu structure takes users to most popular features and functions from a single home screen in two taps at most

Greater connectivity: Online media includes Spotify integrated directly within the infotainment menu for the first time, with data included*, Bluetooth connectivity for two phones at once, plus wireless charging with signal-boosting option**

Software-Over-The-Air: Dual-modem embedded SIM allows scheduled vehicle software updates with no need to visit a retailer to ensure customers always have the most up-to-date apps, services and vehicle software**

Occupant wellbeing: New Cabin Air Filtration system ΔΔ filters out fine particulates, allergens, pollen and even strong smells. Check the levels on the touchscreen

Intelligent ADAS: Comprehensive new technology for 2020 includes a 3D Surround Camera, plus new Rear Collision Monitors

Available to order now: New Range Rover Evoque R-Dynamic S P200 is priced from $66,530 in Australia

The Range Rover Evoque, the luxury compact SUV for the city and beyond, is now even more sophisticated and digitally connected.

A new Ingenium diesel engine is now introduced for the Evoque. The efficient next-generation four- cylinder Ingenium diesel engine features Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle (MHEV) technology. Using a belt- driven starter motor and battery pack, MHEV vehicles harvest energy normally lost under deceleration, feeding back to the vehicle’s 48-volt battery to boost the performance and deliver enhanced fuel economy.

The new Ingenium D200 (150kW/204PS) engine is more powerful than the outgoing engine, with improved CO2 and fuel economy. Meanwhile, customers continue to have the option of the Ingenium 183kW P250 turbocharged petrol engine.

The digital experience inside the Evoque has been transformed with the introduction of Land Rover’s state-of-the-art Pivi infotainment. The system is ready to go as soon as it’s switched on – a separate data plan and battery mean there’s no delay. Software updates are available over-the-air via the vehicle’s embedded data connection at no cost, and can even be scheduled at a time to suit. This ensures customers always have the latest maps, apps and vehicle features without having to visit a retailer. The system is enabled by a new Electrical Vehicle Architecture and is available as Pivi Pro on all Australian derivatives as standard.

Streaming music and media has never been simpler, with Spotify integrated directly within the infotainment menu for the first time –and Bluetooth connectivity for two phones at once. There’s also wireless device charging with signal-boosting option**. The new second-generation Activity Key is also available, allowing customers to unlock any door, lock or even start the vehicle, just by being nearby.

Alex Heslop, Director of Electrical Engineering, Jaguar Land Rover, said: “The infotainment experience in our best-selling compact SUVs has been transformed with the introduction of our new electric vehicle architecture and Pivi infotainment. New hardware and software means the Range Rover Evoque is more digitally connected than ever. Our customers can now benefit from a system as responsive and easy to use as a smartphone, which actually improves over time, thanks to Software-Over-The-Air updates.”

Customers can now even check the quality of the air in the cabin via the touchscreen by activating the smart all-new Cabin Air Filtration system ΔΔ to filter out harmful fine particulate matter often found in cities and high-traffic areas. The all-new system – introduced in addition to the existing Cabin Air Ionisation feature – filters out fine particulate matter, allergens, pollen and even strong smells. The system can filter ultrafine particulates (up to and even below PM2.5). Occupants simply select 'Purify' mode to activate the system, which filters and continually monitors the air inside the cabin relative to the air outside. The touchscreen offers reassurance that the air within is cleaner than the air outside.

Other technology updates include a comprehensive suite of new Advanced Driver Assistance features for the Evoque, which achieved a five-star ANCAP rating. The new Rear Collision Monitor uses radars to constantly monitor the vehicle’s rear, meaning the vehicle is primed to reduce the severity of an impact for the occupants, while the introduction of a 3D Surround Camera lets the driver see what’s happening around the vehicle at speeds of up to 30kph, making manoeuvring and even navigating difficult terrain simpler than ever.

The Australian line-up for the 21MY Range Rover Evoque consists of:
R-Dynamic S P200 - $66,530
R-Dynamic SE P250 - $73,823
R-Dynamic SE D200 - $75,800
R-Dynamic HSE P250 - $78,512